Revive Manual

297 mm x 210 mm paper - blend of recycled and fresh paper fibres, with fresh fibres coming from sustainably-managed forests in the UK.
Exclusively hand screen-printed using algae-based ink.

Created as a group project, Revive is a collective of designers who have a high tolerance for what we consider broken and a belief that helping to create a sustainable future can be exciting.
We are a fictitious, voluntary, non-profit organization and we pride ourselves on our close relationship with the community.

For the project, I created a visual identity and a series of monthly instructive manuals. Each one detailing a community-provided method of repurposing of clothing, plastic or furniture.

It was clear to me that a balance would have to be struck if I was to achieve my desired look and feel. Most importantly, the manuals would have to be clear and effective as any manual should, or they would be useless.

However due to the uniqueness of our concept, they had to carry the brand’s ethos and blend of functionality and style. Additionally, they would have to hold their own as a piece because they do not accompany a product, but are a product.

Sustainability is at the core of Revive, extensive research into the world’s most sustainable methods of print was carried out.

The manual’s are printed on both sides of a solitary sheet of A4 that is on average 70% recycled.
Los Angeles, Calif.