Don’t Say Aye:

The Politics & Linguistics of Hiberno-English

48 pg, 182 mm x 257 mm, Saddle-Stitch, 130 gsm ‘China White’ & ‘Mid Green’

w/ 297 mm x 420 mm, 130 gsm ‘China White’

A zine with supporting informative manual, exploring the dialect spoken in Ireland, which combines the adopted language of English with native Irish Gaelic, in relation to cognition, linguistics and colonialism.

Constructed in a way which acknowledges the often dark, Imperial hardships of Ireland’s linguistic history, the intention of this project is to curate and visualise a testament of the hybrid language of the Irish people, Hiberno-English.
The book investigates the linguistic structure of the language through the lens of Hiberno-English literature, adopting a visual code that addresses a number of themes from colonialism to verbal nuances.
The supporting instructive manual, ‘Visualising Hiberno-English’, defines the coding process, and instructs the reader on how to repeat the process themself.
Los Angeles, Calif.